Friday, August 28, 2015


Can you feel it? There is a change coming. It's there in the air, certainly you can feel it. Fall is coming ..

Hold it right there. I'm not talking about leaves changing color or the air becoming cooler. No, I'm talking about the smell of corn dogs cooking and the sound of the midway

Yep, the CNE is back

Collette and I will be going to the Air Show next week but we decided, this week, to go down to the Ex after 5 pm when you can get in for only six bucks.

We stumbled upon, quite be accident, the Rush parkour show. Not sure how you would stumble upon something not by accident but we'll leave that for a more contemplative, reflective post .. in other words, never

We're fans of parkour, also called free running. From the District 13 movies (the original French ones) to American Ninja Warrior (if they really wanted that show to be ninja, they'd have obstacles where the runners had to dodge shurken and katannas) we really enjoy this sport, so we sat down to watch this show

The show had a story to it, two sad sack security guards protecting a construction site. A group of freerunners break in, and the chase is on

The show was pretty good. The set was quite large, with lots of levels which allowed the runners lots of freedoms to perform a wide variety of stunts

At about 25 minutes the show was far too short but hey, it's free and I suppose all that running and jumping and swinging from poles can be tiring. God knows it made me want a beer .. don't go there, it's just way too obvious

More new things at the Ex. There is always sand sculptures but this year they had something new: Sculptures made out of Spanish moss. This being Canada (and yes, Toronto is a part of Canada no matter how much the rest of you wish it were not so) the artists chose a very appropriate subject matter

So here's the video. Um, well maybe, depends on where you are. Getting harder and harder for me to make my little non monetized home videos with the music that I choose. Vimeo will not allow any music at all for any reason that you do not have rights to. They used to, it's one of the reasons I used Vimeo, that and the quality. But that site itself has become increasingly profit oriented and I think copywrite holders caught on to that. Then there is Youtube. Not a big fan of Youtube, the player never seems to properly embed on this blog but mostly I can use the music I choose, maybe they stick a little ad in there. But to used this Nikki Yanosky song they blocked it in a few hundred countries

So good luck

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