Monday, December 17, 2012


Something tragic happened at a school in Connecticut.

Something this is very difficult for me to process. To be honest, that act is something I'm not really prepared to think about at this time. I don't want to dismiss it or ignore it but at this point it's a terrible event about which we know little when you come down to it. This will take time

Another tragedy occurred. On the day of the shooting I turned on my TV, it was set to CNN and there were children, children who had been in the school while their friends and classmates and teachers were being slaughtered, some of them had just exited the school, and they were being interviewed

There was a reporter, an adult, with a mic in the face of these very young kids who had just had something horrible happen to them and they were being asked questions: Who was he, did you see him, do you know which children have been killed ...

What the fuck.

North American media is ruled by ratings and profit. Our lives our ruled by immedicacy; Facebook, emails, Yahoo, all flying at the speed of light. All available right there, right that second, when we want it. Media sees that as competition. They want to put out the story right there, right that second, when they think we want it.

Even if the story is nascent, even if we really don't know what the story is; get it out get it out there fill up the space that may be filled by another source

So let's get a kid who may not be able to properly process what has happened for a long time, and let's put the event in crystal clear focus for them, so that a percieved void in a viewer's life may be filled. "Did you see the gun, did you see a body, do you know you were almost killed"

And no adult seemed to think about it, no one said "Hey, leave the kid alone, this just happened" I saw an adult hand on a child's shoulder as the little girl was asked to elaborate on this horrible event


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