Saturday, December 8, 2012


Canada has winters. You may have heard of them: Darkness, cold, snow, seasonal depression disorder. Bad things, these winters. Bad bad.

Luckily I live in Toronto, where lately our winters have more resembled spring; ok a cool less sunny kind of spring, not a Tiffany spring but a Wal Mart Spring.

What I'm saying, of course, is that we have mild winters. Winter usually doesn't start until after Christmas. Still, that doesn't stop us from celebrating winter. We had the Cavalcade of Lights earlier and his weekend we had the Winter Market. Ah, now that is the Toronto way, celebrate the season by enticing people to shop.

Which holidays do you celebrate? Which ones are on sale.

The Winter Market is held at the Distillery District, one of our favorite places to visit, a former .. you guessed it .. distillery first established in the 1800's. With it's cobblestone lanes and red brick buildings and Victorian people-worked-here-till-they-died-charm, it has some how avoided Toronto's condo destruction wave and is used for public events, restaurants and shops.

They did a nice job festooning the site with thousands of lights, a christmas tree maze, carousel and ferris wheel, dozens of vendors housed in little cabins and the obligatory giant Christmas tree

Of course there were Beer Gardens, which in Canada means a patio and in Toronto means patio's with tree-like heaters and in one case wood burning fire places. There were also carollers. Carollers are like mimes, who sing. How bad is that, singing mimes. At least they had better outfits

But they did have the most adorable Elves, three girls who seemed to spout out of nowhere with spontaneous and rissable dancing.


Luckily the carollers were not the only musical entertainment that the cutie elves could dance to. Royal Wood is a local musician with an unfortunate name (seriously, is this his porn name) but some lovely music. He's won a lot of awards for his songwriting but seems largely unknown .. because he can actually play an instrument, he can actually sing live and is not known to wear belly shirts or dance as if he's riding a horse. I've included a brief clip of his performance in the video below


So with the dancing elves, some skilled live music and of course some cocoa it was a perfectly lovely spring .. I mean .. winter evening.

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