Friday, May 30, 2008


Some things don't work out as planned. Actually, very few things work out as planned, that is why I plan for them not to work out; and that plan is often thwarted too. Let's just call that Life and move on.

I planned to put together a little video to celebrate Elizabeth McClung's call to arms to take a weekend and go out, be silly, have fun. And her readers did. From goth girls in cemeteries, to poi spinning, to traipsing in graveyards, to weaving, to Memorial day excursions in graveyards, to carrying rakes on bicycles to trying to visualize pain to more graveyards, people took up the call.

I was unable to participate in the challenge due to the behemoth known as Deadline sitting on my head ("Ignore me," he says "I'm a 500 pound gorilla with a mohawk haircut and a tattoo of Popeye on my ass, just try to ignore me")I had to stay home and work.

Still, these great adventures needed some sort of record and making a video without any pretense of commerce is fun for me. So I took people's images and video and put together a video that I hoped would would stand as some sort of record of the weekends.

The video was created but I carelessly overlooked some important details and we had to put that particular creation to rest. No fear. The video rises again. Call it Son of The Weekend Adventure, or the Sequel.

Again, I want to thank everyone who gave me permission to use their images. And thanks for Elizabeth to get the whole silly bar rolling.

The music is Just A Ride by Jem. I am not usually a real pop song kind of guy but it is a nice tune to cut to and I think the lyrics work with the images and with the whole concept of the adventure. The weekend was fun for most people but it was a challenge for others and a cause to reflect for some. The ride we are all on is fast, slow, scary, boring, impressive, forgettable, blissful, painful and, eventually, destined to end ... Put the helmet on. Grab the handlebars. Enjoy the ride.

It's just a ride, it's just a ride No need to run, no need to hide It'll take you all around Sometimes you're up Sometimes you're down It's just a ride, it's just a ride Don't be scared now Dry your eyes I t may feel so real inside But don't forget enjoy the ride

The Weekend Adventure from Victor Kellar on Vimeo.


cheryl g said...

Thank you Victor! The video is fantastic!

Neil said...

Still a great video, Victor. Thanks again for putting it together. I LOVE the B&W thistles changing to a colour shot!

Thank you to everyone who participated; I had a better weekend because of the challenge. And though the Deadline of Damocles hangs above you, Victor, you participated in one of the best ways of all.

Cheers and zen hugs,

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