Sunday, May 18, 2008


An update on Miss Hayley's epic encounter with the dreaded ninja-skunk. Although the Skunked is an effective product we are dealing with, after all, a substance so toxic it rates above whatever hair products are used by Don King and Donald Trump. So as I was out yesterday in search of moth balls to fortify our perimeter, Collette had to give Hayley another treatment.

Trust me, this is not a happy border collie. Hayley does not mind her baths, but she rarely volunteers for one.

But, two baths in a row? With only a night separating the two? I mean, really, this is too much.

I think at this moment Miss Hayley is contacting the UN about crimes against humanity .. or, more properly, crimes against the World's Smartest Dogs.

So, as to the moth ball situation. This was something that should have been simple; I mean, wildlife aside I do live in Canada's largest city. You really can't spit without hitting a mall. So I thought, a quick nip out and I should be able to return with arms loaded with a bounty of moth balls. No, of course not, things could not be so easy. What should have been a quick errand developed into the Quest for Stinky Skunk Repelling Modules. I swear, at one point, in the check out line at Canadian Tire, I saw Sir Percival, looking haggard and loaded up with self-tapping screws and battery chargers. At least his quest was not a total failure.

I have heard that moth balls may have been banned. I have yet to confirm this but it wouldn't surprise me. Moth balls aren't "green". No, they are cheap and they work and seriously, how many people still use them anyway. Being able to buy them would be ... logical. And especially in Toronto the Good that just will not do.

My alternative was to look for a commercial product called Critter Ridder (seriously, that's what its called, not even I could make that up). Supposedly this product is "organic" the meaning of which I really don't understand. Farts are organic but I don't want to buy of bottle of them. And where a box of moth balls sells for a few dollars, a jug of this stuff is 35 bucks. But it should be effective, it "rids" all kinds of critters ... including dogs. Um, Houston, we may have a problem.

While I was pulling out my hair out (and we can't have that, if you know the name of this blog) Collette was in contact with our friend Michele, who lives in a small town about an hour away from us. Apparently, small town Ontario is either: a) Too backward and uneducated to be green aware or b) Doesn't have the time and money to waste on nebulous environmental concepts that are basically nothing more than marketing. At any rate, Michele's quest was far more successful than my own (send a woman to do a man's job, well duh) and she scored something like 16 boxes of moth balls. So we should be able to build a powerful perimeter and some serious memories of our grandmothers' closets.

Ok, on to the video. This is the last of the Hayley puppy footage. This features a long trip in the wayback machine. This is Miss Hayley just a few months old, in her first visit to Earl Bales park. We are pretty lucky where we live; 15 minutes by subway from downtown Toronto but surrounded by walking trails, big parks and deep ravines. Not only does Earl Bales have the ravines and the creeks (and ski hills) it leads onto a golf course that is a great place to let the dogs play in the winter. If you go to the post titled Why My Dog Doesn't Pee On My Shoes, you will see the video Hayley & Friends; part of that is Hayley and Max in the winter, romping around the golf course.

The Earl Bales video is pretty short, so I tossed in some pics, both Hayley as a puppy and some more recent stuff. And I don't know if the first song choice is as funny as I think it is (of course, nothing can be as funny as I think I am) but I like to cut to it.

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