Monday, September 14, 2015


The water is on fire. The ripples on the inlet catching the reflections of the setting sun, yellow and gold and tinges of auburn spreading across the otherwise dark water. Look up and see the ruddy orb caught on the crenelated barbs of the pine trees. The sun is setting on the Georgian Bay

Here in the inlet the sun seems constrained, caught on the trees, rubbing hard against the great shoulders of the Canadian Shield. Let's go now, let's load up the boat and go find it, let's chase the sunset on this still summer night

Dennis runs the boats down the narrow inlets on our way to the open bay, channels forged by the alchemy of water and time, deep through the smooth hulking rocks where the obdurate trees find purchase and life in the stone, bowed by the winds but twisting up towards the sun, the spiny branches glowing in the sunset

We come out into the bay, the water still calm but the wind bringing us the breath of the deep open water, whipping back our hair. Dennis takes us around to the Pointe au Baril lighthouse, an unassuming wooden structure that at one point served a powerful purpose, warning vessels off the rocks and shoals that lurk here, hidden and dangerous in the deep dark water

Past the lighthouse, out where the necklace of rocky islands has spread into random clumps of darkness, we can see it now; the sun, a glowing hole in the sky and a ruddy smear of light across the water

Come chase the sunset with us

Chasing the Sunset Georgian Bay from Victor Kellar on Vimeo.

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