Sunday, October 14, 2012


What is a city.

Is it the concrete, or the people who drive on the concrete walk on the concrete draw images on the concrete

Is it the glass, or the building made from the glass the people watching their reflections in the glass watching other people through the glass

Is it the brick, or the feet that step on the brick the wheels that sigh across the brick the birds that search for seeds in the bricks

Is the city the buildings or those who built them or those who use them ...

What is a city

Recently events in my city have had me a bit disheartened. From lack of vision when it comes to Toronto's waterfront, to total confusion about how to develop our transit, to interesting neighbourhoods being destroyed to make ways for the private homes of the rich

I know my city is not unique, many cities, particularly large cities have these issues. We think of cities sometimes for their buildings, for the brick and mortar ... at the same time we may think of a city for its people.

When you think of New York City you may think of the Empire State Building but you may also think about some colorful character you met on the subway

Toronto is the CN Tower but it's also the doorman standing outside of the King Edward Hotel who, even in the bitter cold of winter, smiles at you and tips his hat.

I grew up in a city that reveres its past and I now live in a city that seems to think the past can be replaced by another billion dollar condo building.

A city is the past, the present, the future, the lack of a future, a city is defined moment to moment by everyone who lives in it, dreams in it, passes through it, is born in it, who dies in it.

We are the city. The city is us.

This is my city. This is your city. This is our city.

This city.

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