Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Are we lost?

As a society, a culture, have we lost our rudder?

We move forward so quickly, everything there at the tips of fingers or the blink of our eyes, we are connected, we can communicate across the world instantly, virtually wherever and whenever we so choose ...

But we are lost.

We seem to have lost our traditions. Our rituals. At least here in our modern, connected world. We move forward, we move quickly, we are careless of what we leave behind. We can move fast, perhaps we have ripped away our roots.

Information has never been so available. We have access. We grab information on our computers, our phones, our TV screens. There is so much of it now. Even in my life time it has multiplied so much I find it difficult to calculate.

But what have we left behind.

Tonight on TV I saw footage of the hearse carrying Whitney Houston's body pulling into the building which will host her funeral. There were hundreds, maybe more, people gathered there to watch. They were cheering. They were applauding. They were mugging for the news cameras.

Are we lost

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