Wednesday, October 12, 2011


It's that time of year again. Dogs are chasing frisbees on the beach, boats are riding swells in to the open bay, sun is glinting off water, people are getting sunburns ... and oh yeh, someone's making a turkey. Sunny days aside, it's Thanksgiving in Nares Inlet.
We followed Dennis and Kay's tradition of going out into the inlet and finding some sunny Georgian Bay rocks (which means rocks you could build a shopping centre on) to enjoy an afternoon of snacks and games. Dennis's big work boat was out of commission so we gathered together a few boats, which I labelled the Nares Inlet Navy
We all enjoyed the extraordinary weather, which was different things for different people. Some enjoyed a little exploration of the island ...
... some decided to try to launch some air support for the Nares Inlet navy ...
... some slept like babies (literally) ....
... some picked wild cranberries ...
... and we all played a game that involves, cards and lucks and theivery. Perfect for families
A fun time was had by all but really, how could you not enjoy a sunny warm day on the Georgian Bay
Back on shore, Terra was having a terrific time but perhaps a bit glum that she missed the boat trip. With her love of water, I'm surprised she didn't swim out to meet us
So another Nares Inlet Thanksgiving draws to a close, vanishing like the evening mist across the still cold water.
Here's the video

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