Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Well of course I was going to make a full trailer from my footage from Iceland, even after doing the Ten Days in Ten Shots vid

Going through more of the footage I just couldn't help myself. Although I of course intend to edit the footage into a series of detailed videos, I couldn't resist selecting a bunch of shots and editing them to music.

That's what a trailer usually is for me: A music video. Music is a vehicle that lets me select and manipulate the shots in a way to illicit a more emotional response. Yes, I did say manipulate. The idea of a trailer is to generate excitement and using a filter or two takes the video from documentary to expressive .. .hopefully

The song I chose is one of my "got to" pieces of music: Dreams by the Cranberries. I normally don't use this for trailers, at least the whole song due to it's length, but damn, I have a lot of footage.

So Blogger is still being a bit of a bitch in terms of allowing me to embed videos in their proper widescreen format. To that end I urge you follow the link below to view the trailer in all its dazzling glory ... ahem

Iceland: The Trailer

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